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News: Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada is back on lock down  Lets think this through!  Guys are your mask and stay six feet away from people i public!  Its that easy!  If we would all do that for 30 days it would all be over!

Public Relations Specialist

My name is Erik Parti, must I say more?  You can call me Mr.


For over 16 years I have  been playing the liaison including direct market for test market promotions on very professional sales and research teams.  


Currently, I have repertoire under my belt that as well has strategic planning interlaced for dynamic business strategies and planning.


The public sector is a broad ranging animal these days, but at the end of the day presentation and story - nothing is new under the sun other then better java now so stories and presentation go down the pipes a lot quicker now.  The difference is though, if you are talking about public speaking, or presentation or sales you have to have that confidence and edge, honesty, intelligence knowledge, truth -  Truth honesty, numbers - know your game.


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